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About AK San Miguel

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AK San Miguel is a real estate agency in San Miguel de Allende founded by Anna Kulander.
AK San Miguel

AK San Miguel


With a US Navy Veteran Father and a Mexican Mother, Anna was born and raised in San Miguel de Allende.

As a Mexican-American woman, she can easily traverse different cultures. Being bilingual, bicultural and ethical are the most important assets she can have in the Real Estate Business.

Attorney at Law

In 2018 Anna earned a major degree in Law. This knowledge, coupled with an undergraduate in Family Law and Creativity Process of Solving Problems has provided her with valuable skills to use daily in the Real Estate world.

AK San Miguel
AK San Miguel

Real Estate Professional

For more than 3 years, she has successfully helped locals and nationals sell their properties and assisted clients find their new home in this magical town. With her expertise in client service, Anna makes sure that whether you’re a first-time home owner, looking for a luxury property, or sell one of your own, she can help you with all of that and beyond!

San Miguel de Allende

Como empresaria, ha sido testigo de la transformación del corazón y el alma de México. ¡Ella conoce San Miguel de Allende como la palma de su mano y desea hacer de su hogar tu hogar!

AK San Miguel
AK San Miguel

Anna Kulander

As an entrepreneur, she has witnessed the transformation of the heart and soul of Mexico. She knows San Miguel de Allende like the back of her hand and desires to make her home your home!

Selling your property? Call us at +1 806 853 9120

AK San Miguel has various means that will allow you to find potential buyers at an ease. Get in touch!

Our Core Values

Meet the backbone of our company. Trust Anna and walk with her the path to finding your new home in San Miguel de Allende!


Our goal is to accompany each of our clients in the search for their desired home, providing a quality service efficiently by obtaining satisfactory results.


To maintain ourselves as a real estate agency that remains at the forefront of real estate buying and selling strategies, developing tools for the particular needs of our customers.