Beautiful historic house very close to the main garden

Beautiful historic house very close to the main garden

Discover this beautiful and priceless jewel of the #Historic Center of San Miguel de Allende, located in the pedestrian zone just a block and a half from the parish.

The moment you see its facade full of stately simplicity, without overly elaborate forms, and when you open the front door, the impact of seeing that beautiful patio that seems to have stopped in time arrives, immediately appreciating that the house maintains the distribution. And details of those traditional San Miguel houses that make #SanMigueldeAllende, specifically its Historic Center, Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Due to its #location, distribution and beauty it lends itself to commercial use as a Museum, Gallery, or even Restaurant or any business that your mind is capable of imagining, or on the other hand you can keep it as your home, which currently only has 2 bedrooms, however, 2 of the 3 living rooms shown in the photos can easily be converted into another 2 bedrooms.

Practically all the spaces of the #house have access through the main patio, and windows that overlook the same patio, lighting these spaces naturally and creating air circulation in each of them.

In addition to the beautiful patio, in the background there is a small garden with a beautiful and huge Jacaranda, it seems to be the 3rd. The largest jacaranda in San Miguel de Allende and next to it you will find a staircase that will take you to the roof of the house that has a terrace with a small roof terrace and open spaces from where you will enjoy the close view of the Parroquia and the well-known temple like Las Monjas (the nuns).If you are looking for a beautiful #property in the Historic Center of San Miguel de Allende, you already found it.

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