Live in San Miguel de Allende and enjoy the local festivities

Live in San Miguel de Allende and enjoy the local festivities

#SanMigueldeAllende, in addition to being a beautiful city with its different landscapes and variety of tourist activities to enjoy, has a variety of festivities that are celebrated in different months of the year which make this incredible city more emblematic.

Holy Week

In San Miguel de Allende, Holy Week is celebrated with very beautiful traditions which begin with the traditional walk of the "lord of the column" from the community of Atotonilco to the temple of San Juan de Dios, followed by altars everywhere for the Virgin of Los Dolores, this takes place on the Friday of Lent in which in all houses and establishments they give away popsicles and glasses of water representing the tears of the Virgin.

Parade of Fools

Every year in San Miguel de Allende a unique festivity is celebrated, the Locos parade has been held for more than 40 years. Day celebrated in honor of San Juan Bailón, known for being the Saint of the orchards. The parade is made up of an approximate number of nine traditional groups, all made up of people who were born in San Miguel de Allende.

Feast of San Miguel de Arcángel

This is one of its most important festivities since it is the celebration of the patron saint of the city, in which they celebrate it with fireworks, music, processions and bullfights; This festivity in honor of San Miguel Arcángel lasts all night, in which a procession of four communities representing the formation of San Miguel de Allende takes place, it begins its march towards the main garden.

Day of the Dead

In the city of San Miguel de Allende it is important to celebrate these dates for the feeling they represent, likewise when the celebration approaches, its streets are painted purple and orange. The city offers a special program for tourists who visit during November 1 and 2, dates when Mexicans honor death and remember our ancestors, in a traditional parade, placement of offerings and more.

If you want to live this experience, come and enjoy these festivities that take place in the wonderful city of San Miguel de Allende and at #AkSanMiguel we help you find the best #home for your stay with us.

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