Live in a spectacular place surrounded by nature, Casa Pradera for sale

Live in a spectacular place surrounded by nature, Casa Pradera for sale

Located in the beautiful Jalpa Valley near #SanMigueldeAllende, this modern hacienda was designed by a well-known local architect who specializes in green #architecture and sustainable housing. During the #design phase, a 12-month solar study was conducted on the site to determine the path of the sun each day of the year which was used for the location of the construction site and the placement of all windows throughout the house.

The house is #built entirely with hand-made adobe bricks specially designed for the project, rocks excavated from the property and more than 35 custom-designed steel beams. There are no plastered or painted surfaces. All doors and windows are made with iron frames designed by the architect and built locally. All skylights provide indirect light to the house. There are three terraces, one in the study, another for guests and a large terrace in the living room with a fireplace.

 The master bedroom and bathroom are spacious and offer spectacular views. Over 150 trees have been planted on the property, along with native cacti, flowers, and many other plants. Professional lighting illuminates the house and gardens at night. While the house is connected to the electricity grid, the solar panels keep the electricity bill at the base rate. A large 100,000 liter burgundy was built on site to capture rainwater from the adjacent mountains in order to provide landscape irrigation.

The #house has an underground cistern containing 100,000 liters of water, located under the sculpture garden. The roof is designed to collect rainwater and direct it to the cistern.

Additionally, this property is connected to the local community water district. Other features include a two-car garage with two cellars and an additional bathroom. There is a vegetable and flower garden, a vegetable garden, a cactus garden and a chicken coop. Access to the property is through two electric gates with audio video/code capabilities. Internet is provided by a local company along with cable television. Offered turnkey with select exclusions.

#AKSanMiguel puts this beautiful hacienda at your disposal.

We are at your disposal at the following contact numbers:
US line: 1 806 853 91 20
Mexico line: +52 415 688 5229

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