San Miguel de Allende, the perfect place to live

San Miguel de Allende, the perfect place to live

Along with all its #architectural treasures, San Miguel de Allende has remained a magical place for almost a century, where it has grown and developed like all #cities in the world. However, despite this growth, the city continues to retain that unique flavor that has earned it several and repeated international awards.

In recent years #SanMigueldeAllende has managed to position itself as the best city in the world, due to the charm of its #streets, the warmth of its people, its gastronomy, culture and its different traditions make visiting and living a unique experience .

It is known as the heart of Mexico for its pleasant climate that prevails most of the year with average temperatures of 16°C and 25°C, making it a perfect city for people who like outdoor sports. because they will be able to breathe fresh air, free of contamination.

It is considered one of the best cities thanks to the security offered by the state, thus being the place where you can live quietly and walk feeling that security that it offers you.

San Miguel de Allende is the preferred place for retirement as it offers gerontology centers, among other very useful services for the elderly. It also has different attractions for people of all ages, sports, cultural, etc.

If you want to #move to a quiet, safe place and enjoy history and natural beauty, San Miguel de Allende is the right place and at #AKSanMiguel we are the best option to support you in the process. Offering the security of finding the perfect home to your needs.

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Mexico line: +52 415 688 5229

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