Meet Anna Kulander

Meet Anna Kulander

With a US Army veteran father and a Mexican mother, Anna was born and raised in #SanMigueldeAllende. As a Mexican American woman, she can easily traverse different cultures. Being bilingual, bicultural and ethical are the most important assets that Anna can have in the Real Estate Business.

In 2018 Anna obtained a law degree. This knowledge, added to a degree in Family Law and Creativity Problem Solving Process has provided him with valuable skills to use daily in the world of #RealEstate.

For over 3 years, he has successfully helped locals and nationals sell their properties and has helped clients find their new home in this World Heritage city. With her expertise in #customerservice, Anna makes sure whether you are a first time homeowner, looking for a luxury property or selling your own, she can help with all that and more!

As a businesswoman, she has witnessed the transformation of the heart and soul of Mexico. She knows San Miguel de Allende like the back of her hand and wants to make her home your home!

During her free time, Anna prides herself on volunteering and supporting several great non-profit organizations in her hometown, has a great passion for astronomy, enjoys traveling with her family, cooking and going out to enjoy the city weather in the company of their dogs.

Trust Anna and walk the path with her to find your new home in San Miguel de Allende!

Contact her at the phones: +52 415 688 5229 or +1 806 853 9120.

Vía email:

Through the website

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