San Miguel de Allende, recognized as the best place to get married

San Miguel de Allende, recognized as the best place to get married

#SanMigueldeAllende is an excellent place to visit at any time of the year, since it offers different tourist activities, which range from walking through the streets of this beautiful city, where you can admire the colonial architecture of its beautiful buildings, to carry out from the religious ceremony and the #wedding reception since it is important to recognize that San Miguel de Allende is a colonial town, which has very magical and romantic places, that is why several couples decide to carry out their union marriage, since they describe him as a romantic magnet.

In addition to the fact that it has various #places which range from various farms, hotels, halls or vineyards, these are just some of the many options that can be chosen to carry out the wedding.

It is also considered that in San Miguel de Allende weddings are usually very happy and original, since there is a very beautiful custom which consists of mojigangas, the bride and groom and the guests going through the alleys of San Miguel with music which is mostly performed by mariachis.

It is for this and for many more reasons that on May 24 of this year, San Miguel de Allende was recognized by the Mexico Unknown magazine as the number 1 Best Wedding Destination in our country, at the #TianguisTuristico2022 held in Acapulco Guerrero.

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